Here are the top six reasons why new members quit…and how

1. Many members never get into the ‘habit’ of regularly attending a club, so they never really get to feel comfortable in the unfamiliar environment of the gym.

Montys our friendly members club feeling with a strict beginners program sets you up running

2. Not being prepared for the challenge and effort or time required, combined with unrealistic expectations often leads to a feeling of disappointment and personal failure.

Montys approach rapid results are not reasonable most quick fix has a down fall challenge yourself with realistic expectations

3. Over 85% of members state weight loss or weight management as a primary goal, yet the majority receive little or no recognized nutrition information to facilitate these results.

Montys no diet eating plan and eating right for your metabolic type or body type

4. New members’ lack of knowledge with combined with initial information overload. Too much too soon!

Montys beginners program for de-conditioned people we focus on simple changes one or two at a time.

5. Many clubs lack the necessary simple systems to track members for the first 30 days this is the most important period. If they miss even a week within the first month, they are at high risk of quitting.

Montys result base training tracks you all the way

6. Most clubs are impersonal and lack the personal touch.

Montys welcomes you personalized attention guarantees results, we will meet the challenge head-on

Result Base Training

Montys fixes the problem!

“ The body is nothing without the will of the mind ….”

Whether it’s in the supermarket, your kitchen, at work or even in your favorite restaurant, the choices you make in what you eat and how you eat it will have a major impact on the way you look and feel. Use this handy checklist to see how you can get the most out of your body for optimum health, look and vitality.

Commit and be accountable for your own results.